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Melanie Schorr Adds Pose Library To Growing Yoga Knowledge Base

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TORONTO: Melanie Schorr Yoga is excited to announce a new available resource to clients and potential clients: an online pose library found here:

In the pose library, you can learn about the many poses of several different types of yoga. The pose library allows you to search for specific poses and to learn the various benefits associated with each pose. As well, each entry of the pose library contains a still image photograph of the pose being described so you can have a better sense of what it looks like.

“The importance of proper alignment and posture when it comes to yoga cannot be understated”, says Melanie Schorr, “I want people to enjoy the poses but to also know what poses can help them to heal or help them with specific issues”.

Melanie Schorr is dedicated to helping clients learn proper yoga techniques and to helping them understand how posture and alignment intertwine and can heal the body from chronic pain and serious injuries.

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