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Mark Waxman Launches Website To Help You Find Your New Home

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TORONTO: Most people know how challenging it is to find that home that speaks to you at the budget that your finances dictate. Mark Waxman knows this all too well and has launched a website to take most of that stress off of you. His new website assists aspiring homeowners in Toronto – whether purchasing or renting – and home sellers and lessors to find their ideal home/buyer.

Mark is a seasoned real estate agent with over 30 years’ experience connecting people to their dream homes. His website enables you to search for your next home or condo in the Greater Toronto Area, and boasts of listings across a wide range of prices to cater to every pocket. Worried about managing your finances? The website has calculators for your mortgagemortgage insurance, and land transfer tax. Mark also informs his clients about real estate developments and tips via the blog section of the website, and through the FAQs.

Mark’s promise of service is “You can be looking for a house, condo or even a rental. I want to help you find the perfect fit!”

Mark is poised to transform the home search experience from a monumental challenge an exciting, pleasant experience. Head on over to, and whatever your language – English, French, Hebrew – Mark is ready to carry on a conversation within your comfort zone and find you an equally comfortable home!

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